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How To Write Articles

You write articles to convey an idea or a message. Cleverly disguised your valuable content provides a cross between an editorial and an advertisement of your products.Do not waste your written article for only one publishes. Recycle it with a bit of tweaks and publish it in your websites, blogs, email newsletter and some information about your product in your opt-in page.But make sure that you do not over use of your articles again and again in different article directories as this would amount to spamming.Search engines will drop your rankings if they found the same article being used Click to continue

Beauty Care: Beauty Lazy Lazy Own Brilliant Idea

Guidance: Holds many lessons for the importance of efficiency in society, when all sorts of things around you to find a shortcut, the skin care also have lazy coup.

1, beautiful in progress: a bath, the high temperature and composition can cause the body clean, dry skin, especially the legs and joints, often terribly dry, must be promptly smear Body Lotion.

Often made lazy disease: a bath takes 20 minutes to smear the body after the milk? May have to hurry to go to work not painted!

Lazy Americans to Return Weapon: You can choose some to add Click to continue

Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge
Website owners should understand relationships among entities and create a global, local, and contextual navigation system that makes sense to users and technology. Information architects are often needed to create a large blog's user-friendly …
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6 easy steps to create an unbreakable Click to continue

Confessions Of An Article Writer

I hate to admit it, I even think I’ll be misunderstood, but there are several time wasters I encounter throughout the day that can negatively impact my business. Let’s be honest: the internet is a cool tool, but there are enough distractions to it that can keep you from what you really need to do: make money. Here is my short list of things that are real time wasters:

Blogging – Yeah, I like to blog. Love it even. Still, there are times that blogging can become an end to itself. What is my page rank? How do I rate with Technorati? This particular blog is my Click to continue

A Company Blog

A company blog is a website, or part of a website, comprised of regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, opinions of  the company the author works for. Entries, called posts, are usually arranged in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top) and uses text, links, images, video, audio, and music to interact with audiences.

Blogs are a great social media tool. Social media is focused on using internet technologies to connect with audiences and draw them into an ongoing conversation about the company and its activities. It is about making a more personal Click to continue

Write a Personal Manifesto as a Blog Post

Do you have something outlandish or interesting to say? Are you looking for a way to convey your voice to anyone who will listen? Create a manifesto and post it to your blog. You can even go one step further and send it out to all those on your opt-in e-mail lists.

A manifesto is a way people publicly declare their intentions and principles.


Before writing your manifesto, think about what is important to you and what principles guide you in life. Maybe it’s being a voice for the people, a cultural enthusiast or a great family member.

Values Click to continue

Katie's Craft Corner: Online tutorials

Katie's Craft Corner: Online tutorials
Well-known for her hair tutorials showcasing her ravishing red locks, The Freckled Fox's blogger, Emily, also has a good collection of sweetly rustic DIY projects. Calico wrapped clothes hangers, fruity lip balm and huge vintage inspired corkboards are …
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5 blogs by Latina bloggers worth reading
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